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What Am I Doing?

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Okay, this journal is for Sherlock Holmes fanfic, and in my stories Holmes and Watson will generally be up to something slashy, though it could be as little as one-sided pining or as much as marriage in all but name..

This whole thing has been very startling for me. I never used to write fanfic. I never used to like slash! (It's just them...) And I was intending to remain very much the online mystery woman, but enough people have asked now and I've told them so I might as well come out with it. In my real life, yes, I'm a professional writer. I never thought I'd write fanfic, but when all's said and done I'm just another geek with a laptop and a longstanding fondness for Sherlock Holmes and an obsessive temperament, and when you're kind of tired and burnt out after a project that took bloody years, the immediacy of fanfiction, it turns out, is wonderfully refreshing.

If you do want to know about my professional work, drop me a line and I'll probably tell you. Nevertheless, in public, I'd rather preserve my secret alter-ego's anonymity. If it does come out, well then it does, but still, I ask you not to be the one who makes it happen.